1901-2021: We turn 120 years

Today, it is 120 years since Procudan was founded under the name of De Danske Mejeriers Fællesindkøb. Much has changed since 1901, and so have we. Our long history testifies to a great ability to develop concurrently with customers' needs.

Shaped by history - focused on the future

We are proud that over more than a hundred years as a company we have managed to develop in line with the market and customer needs. Our jubilee is clear proof that we are agile and have the ability to create long-term value for our customers and for our own business.

We have 120 years of experience in listening to customers and understanding their needs. We go to great lengths to find solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations and move them closer to their strategic goals.

The proud tradition is continued by our passionate employees on a daily basis, putting their in-depth professionalism into play and the needs of their customers first.

Our anniversary is therefore not a milestone for the past but a stepping stone to the future. We look forward - always looking for new opportunities to put our professional curiosity into play and develop value together with our customers.

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