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Cocktail Ingredient with 145 years of history has been further developed.

The cocktail and drinks mixer series Rose's Cordial Mixer ® has been further developed. Hans Just A/S, a bottler and distributor of the world renowned mixer in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, have created new varieties and improved product stability and color intensity.

Hans Just A/S have, with the help of Procudan, in several areas improved the well-known English cocktail and drinks mixer Rose's Cordial Mixer, which has 145 years of history.

- We have extended the range and improved each product's quality and longevity in order to increase the perceived value to both consumers and the professional segment, says Jacob Vallentin, who is European Export Manager of Rose's Cordial Mixer.


New products and improved shelf life

Product development has taken place in a co-creation process, in which Hans Just A/S have cooperated closely with Procudan, who supply ingredients and packaging to the food industry among others.

- The process resulted in four new dispensaries, so that we now have a total of 13 flavors. The products' shelf life has been extended by between 50 and 100%, while the original color is retained as long as possible. Furthermore, the flavor stability of a large number of variants has been considerably improved.


Trust-based co-creation

According to Svend Aagaard Nielsen, Product Manager of Procudan, trust and confidence are essential keywords in co-creation-based collaborative processes involving highly confidential recipes and products of great commercial importance.

- One thing is formalities in the form of satisfactory contracts and statements of truth, which should be obvious to all in the industry. Aside from this, it is a prerequisite for cooperation of this nature that the confidence is present between the parties when you give a third party access to confidential business critical product information, he states.

In the selection of a partner for the development process, Hans Just A/S placed emphasis on finding a supplier with a broad spectrum of competencies, who could at the same time demonstrate good results from similar projects.

- It is of course vital in such a complex process that the necessary expertise and solid evidence is present, says Jacob Vallentin, emphasizing that the partner in the process is a total supplier with strong roots in Scandinavia and throughout Europe as a natural field of work

Jakob Vallentin concludes:

- Proximity is important in the process, and in addition, we wanted a partner who can provide all the ingredients used in the production of Rose's. The two elements were decisive for the choice of Procudan as a supplier and for the value creation, which was subsequently achieved.

Hans Just A/S

Hans Just A/S was founded in 1867 by Hans Jacob Hvalsøe Just. The company is family-owned in the fifth generation and has approx. 60 employees. Hans Just deal exclusively with import, sales, distribution and marketing of selected international brands within spirits, wine and nonalcoholic drink mixers.  www.hansjust.dk

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