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Packaging for entrepreneur with sensitive product.

There are no standard solutions at the award-winning and uncompromising licorice producer Bagsværd Lakrids. This applies not only to the company's production of licorice, but also to the packaging. It required a series of tests to arrive at the right packaging that both frames and profiles the exclusive licorice.

Bagsværd Lakrids started as a fun hobby, but after a year of experiments at home, the founders chose to focus on the exclusive and handmade licorice. In order for the dream of owning a business to come true, it required special packaging with just the right barrier properties. At the same time, the packaging should complement the exclusive content and be inviting to the end customers at the time of purchase.

- Right from the start of our licorice production, we have been nervous about whether we could package the products. Licorice is a particularly sensitive product with a soft and moist surface, which absorbs and releases moisture to the surroundings while it can become a little liquid. We have therefore carried out countless packaging tests and been in contact with many manufacturers, explains Morten Kornbech Larsen, director and one of the founders of Bagsværd Lakrids.


Unique packaging for exclusive licorice

In the search for the perfect packaging, Morten Kornbech Larsen came across Procudan, who accepted the challenge of finding the perfect packaging for the exclusive licorice.

- It was a rather special task with requirements that we had not previously tried to meet. But we agreed to make the attempt to develop a unique packaging made exclusively for Bagsværd Liquorice, says Jens D. Kønigsfeldt, Account Manager Packaging at Procudan.

After a period of close dialogue and several tests of the end product in different packaging, Procudan presented the entrepreneurs with possible solutions that matched the unique requirements licorice sets for the packaging's barrier properties, strength and usability properties. And which also harmonized with EU legislation and the general guidelines for food packaging.

- We chose a bag in three-layer laminate foil with outer brown paper for our minibar. The bag has tear marks, which make it easy for the end consumer to open the minibar and enjoy it on-the-go. We are very satisfied with the packaging, which exudes exclusivity and supports our high-end licorice, says Morten Kornbech Larsen.


Great flexibility in the daily collaboration

Bagsværd Lakrids has chosen to be responsible for the design of the packaging, and they therefore deliver the finished print design to Procudan, who is subsequently responsible for the production. Before customers can enjoy the packaged licorice, it is packed by hand and the bag securely welded by Bagsværd Lakrids.

Bagsværd Lakrids won a gold medal in the Danish Liquorice Taste Award and subsequently wanted to tell the good news on the packaging. The packaging was quickly adjusted to reflect the great recognition.

- When we won, of course, we had to have the great recognition on our packaging, so it became clear to everyone that our licorice is a winner. Procudan was of course involved in it, and the packaging was quickly adjusted.


Quick help in times of crisis

Flexibility was also felt by the licorice producer as the security of supply of mini bags was seriously threatened due to corona. Morten Kornbech Larsen explains:

- Christmas is our festive season and suddenly there were 60,000 mini bags missing in the middle of the autumn due to the corona situation, and we were in serious trouble with a prospect of losing around DKK 100,000. On top of the financial slap, we had to disappoint our 350 dealers and tell them, that their empty shelves were unfortunately not filled up for Christmas with the expected licorice. Fortunately, Procudan managed to find a solution at a very critical time.

The entrepreneurs were able to breathe a sigh of relief and without delay deliver the handmade licorice as agreed to selected specialty stores across the country.

- We are experiencing an enormous demand for our products, and it is therefore extra important for an entrepreneurial company like ours to prove to our customers that we are trustworthy and can of course deliver on time, says Morten Kornbech Larsen.

The collaboration is expanded with ingredients

Customers must be confident in relation to delivery security, so that they do not stand with empty shelves, but they must also be confident in relation to the certification of the ingredients in the licorice.

- We trade with the whole world and get e.g. licorice powder from Iran, milk from Germany and other products from the East. Our ingredients are quite special, and we are now in dialogue with Procudan about whether they and their many suppliers can be responsible for delivering some of the ingredients to us.

Because with the purchase of ingredients comes the certification of the raw materials, and it can be a great relief especially for entrepreneurs and small companies to leave the part to others who have it as a first priority.

- Take e.g. EU rules on migration. Bagsværd Lakrids must be 100 percent sure that they comply with current rules, but they do not need to know all the details. We'll take care of that. We have certificates for all the ingredients and packaging we deliver, and should our customers need specific certifications, they can pick up that knowledge around the clock at My Procudan, explains Jens D. Kønigsfeldt.

He is looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Bagsværd Lakrids and an exciting growth journey.

  Jens D. Kønigsfeldt
  Account Manager Packaging, Procudan
  +45 3164 1265

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