Biobased plastic

Packaging with a green footprint

Social responsibility is high on the agenda of consumers, who expect businesses to take a stand and actively show consideration for the world around them. By choosing packaging made from biobased plastic, it is possible to ‘brand’ the end product to the consumer as a sustainable and responsible choice.

Biobased plastic is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic, but with the same functional properties. This means there is no need to compromise on design and functionality. And there is no need to invest in new manufacturing equipment.

Procudan are experts in packaging for foods, and we support sustainability. We guide our customers in choosing the right packaging that protects the end product – and the environment. 

Billede Mere miljøvenlig, samme funktionalitet

Greener, but with the same functionality

A solution made wholly or partially from bioplastic can have the same barrier characteristics, protective properties and shelf-life characteristics as conventional plastic packaging. This makes bioplastic an attractive packaging material that combines safeguarding the environment with practical characteristics and good marketing possibilities.

And if you want biodegradable packaging, compostable plastic is also an option. Regardless of the requirements of the end product, we are ready to assist with finding the right packaging.

Sustainable packaging is an ideal choice for end products which are marketed for their composition of ingredients, such as plant-based ingredients, organic ingredients etc.

Sustainable packaging

Bioplastic emits significantly less CO2 than conventional plastic. When the plants that are used to make bioplastic are cultivated, they absorb a quantity of CO2, and that same quantity is released again when the bioplastic is incinerated. If the other energy used in manufacturing is also based on renewable resources, bioplastic is a sustainable total packaging solution.

Procudan are experts in packaging and market leaders when it comes to environmentally sustainable packaging types. We can therefore always optimise and find the best sustainable solution based on the customer’s needs and the consumer’s demands. 

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