The full story

Over 120 years experience

1901 Danish Dairy Suppliers is founded in Copenhagen, Denmark  
1905 Purchase of machine works in Kolding, Denmark Sold in 1983
1929 Purchase of Jyderup Savværk (Jyderup Sawmill) Sold in 1969
1955 Founding of Dana Tryk/Danapak Sold in 1991
1975 Production of tinned fruit is started in Odense, Denmark Sold in 2003
1980 Novadan Kemi starts production Sold in 1999
1988 Purhase of Dansk Carna Konsum A/S Sold in 1994
1990 Danish Dairy Suppliers moves to Kolding, Denmark  
1991 Purchase of Dypian Cheese wax - production starts in Kolding, Denmark  
1992 Purchase of A/S Crispy Food International, Korsør, Denmark Sold in 2003
1995 BBlend production is established in Kolding, Denmark Closed in 2003
1996 Purchase of Wiggo Kongstad A/S, Esbjerg, Denmark Sold in 2000
1997 Purchase of Tesco Milk filters  Sold in 2004
2000 Purchase of IFEG ApS Sold ni 2003
2002 Danish Dairy Suppliers changes name to Procudan  
2003 Establishing a branch of Procudan in Sweden  
2003 Danish Dairy Suppliers is restructured and becomes Procudan A/S  
2006 New owner structure of Procudan A/S  
2007 LASK is sold  
2009 Purchase of Dansk Voksfabrik A/S  
2015 Purchase of Scansalt A/S  
2021 Procudan Blends production is established