Food contact materials

High requirements guarantee high quality

Each end product comes with its own requirements for packaging. First there are the requirements for the primary functionality of the packaging:

  • Strength
  • Performance characteristics
  • Barrier characteristics

Then come the legal requirements regarding the packaging’s health and environmental characteristics, which also vary according to content.


Food contact materials agreed in the EU

Harmonised EU legislation requires that all materials that come into contact with foods are safe and inactive to prevent migration. This applies to the many materials and objects that foods come into contact with during production, processing, storage, preparation and serving before the food is finally consumed. This means that wrapping materials and packaging for foods must be clean and made from materials that neither affect nor are affected by the food.

The packaging you choose depends on the composition and characteristics of the product. Furthermore, the packaging can influence the appearance of the end product as well as the marketing possibilities, which has a direct impact on branding and sales.


We know the food contact materials

We ensure safety throughout the entire process from production to end user. We assist our customers with finding the right packaging that is approved for the specific purpose and has the right barrier characteristics, giving the end user confidence that their food is safe.