All-natural flavours and delights

A sweet treat, longer shelf life or quick energy boost – natural sweeteners is an umbrella term for a group of all-natural ingredients ranging from glucose and dextrose to sugar in a wide range of types and forms.

Sweeteners are used in food production as a filler, vehicle, source of carbohydrates or preservative. The one thing they all have in common is that they can be used to sweeten an end product, although the degree of sweetness and taste nuances vary greatly.


More than sugar and sweetness

Sweet is part of the sense of taste, along with sour, bitter, umami and salt, making it an important element in a well-balanced and delicious product. However, many sweeteners offer much more than good taste. They can be used in foods as a filler, vehicle or preservative as well.

Fructose is also a good alternative if you want the same sweetness, but fewer calories.

An elegant appearance with sweetness

Sweeteners offer more than just a sweet taste. They can also add the perfect touch to the end product as an elegant decoration. Icing sugar, fondant and pearl sugar are ideal choices for creating a beautiful visual effect that gives the end product an elegant and appetising finish.

Procudan have vast knowledge about the different sweeteners, and we work with food manufacturers to find the type and form that best suits the end product in both appearance and taste.

Achieving the right sweetness is an art form

Each all-natural sweetener has its own distinctive taste, consistency and characteristics. There is a wide selection and countless possibilities, but there is a sweetener for every product and purpose.

Sweetness perception is a way of measuring how sweet something is compared to sugar. Procudan have sweeteners with a range of sweetness perceptions, and we are experts at finding the right type for the perfect end product.

In all types and forms

Sweeteners come in practically every form, from fluffy powder, granulate and pearls to blocks, liquid syrup and ground white sugar. There is a form to suit every need and end product.

Procudan have a large and varied range of sweeteners with different tastes, characteristics and consistencies, and we can always assist with finding a sweetener with the desired origin, whether it be conventional or organic.


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