An incredibly versatile ingredient

The term starches is incredibly accurate yet far from adequate. Starches are a versatile ingredient that can do much more than add starch.

Starches affect the consistency of foods and improve, stabilize, enhance and bind other ingredients, so the end product keeps its shape.

The all-natural heart

Starches are generally extracted from potatoes, wheat, corn and rice. As an all-natural ingredient, starches have many good properties that improve foods. All-natural starches are called native starches and are a particularly good source of body, carbohydrates, viscosity or crispness in baked products.

But starches can also be modified, and thus enhance properties and increase stability under special conditions. Modified starches are particularly useful for retaining binding properties in frozen foods, baked foods and microwavable foods.

Cold, hot, solid, liquid, conventional or organic. Procudan are experts in starches that enhance the desired properties in all foods.

All-natural properties and shared know-how

We offer a comprehensive range of starches, and the chosen starch substantially influences the final product. 

Everything from ingredient composition and transport time to processing temperature determines the choice of starch. Food production requires an in-depth understanding of ingredients and how they behave – not just with other ingredients, but also under changing external conditions. 

Procudan are experts in starches, and we work closely with many different food manufacturers to research and develop the good properties of starches.


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