Spice blends

Excite the senses

A pricking sensation on the tongue, an aromatic scent, a bold taste and a beautiful colour. Spice blends stimulate all the senses.

When we enjoy food, we use all our senses subconsciously, and how a food smells can create an expectation of how it should taste. It is therefore up to the taste to either meet or exceed those expectations.

Procudan’s spice mixes are combinations of herbs and spices designed to stimulate all of the senses. The decorative appearance, aroma and taste have all been tested and developed to add character to the end product.



The perfect composition

Little adjustments can have a huge influence on the final taste. The addition of a spice mix to an end product can enhance, tone down or balance a taste. Spices and herbs can be combined in countless ways. In addition to shaping the taste, spice mixes can also leave a distinctive mark on the end product as an appetising decoration. 

Our spice mixes are composed to cater to both taste and appearance. Procudan offer the well-known conventional and organic spice mixes, as well as innovative speciality mixes based on current trends. All with a view to embodying the five basic tastes. And all co-created with our customers.

Billede Udvid smagshorisonter


Expand the horizons of taste

Some like sour, others prefer sweet and some want spicy. There are many tastes and just as many individual opinions about what tastes good.

Our preferences originate in our habits. The brain can quickly become used to what it likes and doesn’t like. It is therefore also possible to expand people’s taste preferences by breaking those habits and challenging the sense of taste with different spice mixes.

Procudan are experts in spice mixes, which are tried, tested and approved taste compositions. We also work closely with our customers to develop new spice mixes that can surprise and complete the taste composition of any end product.

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