Scale packaging up or down

The right packaging reduces waste and occupational injury

The right packaging size ensures optimum packaging of food products for both consumers and employees. For consumers, the packaging should be convenient and help reduce food waste. For employees, packaging size can be used to minimise heavy manual labour.

Procudan are experts in food repackaging and packaging that ensures the right packaging size for both consumers and employees.

Billede Mindre madspild – ja tak!

Less food waste – yes, please!  

Food waste has come into focus, and this is reflected in consumers’ purchasing patterns. More and more consumers are choosing products based on package size and functional features like resealable bags to help them avoid throwing away any remaining product that is still usable.

Packaging design has a significant influence on the appearance of the end product in the purchasing moment. 

We advise our customers on the many options and combinations with environmentally friendly materials for sustainable, consumer-friendly packaging.


Better working environment with up- and down-scaling

By scaling your packaging up, for instance to big bags, it is possible to reduce heavy manual labour and let machines do the heavy lifting. While down-scaling to smaller and lighter packaging makes it easier for your employees to lift the package when manual handling is required.

Both up- and down-scaling of packaging improves the working environment and reduces the risk of occupational injury associated with heavy lifting. 


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