Quality assurance

Uncompromising quality

We aim for the highest common denominator when it comes to food safety and quality assurance. This is reflected in our GFSI certifications and the fact that we have earned an smiley status from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. This guarantees Procudan’s customers the highest level of food safety and access to the relevant documentation.

Highest level of food safety

Food safety is a fundamental prerequisite, and we take that responsibility seriously. We offer the highest possible food safety and comply with the following standards:

These standards are approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guaranteeing that products from Procudan comply with all legislation and regulations for food safety and quality control.

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an organisation that evaluates the standards for food safety. They work tirelessly to improve systems for handling foods, while at the same time enabling collaboration between food experts and key stakeholders in the food industry. This ensures a high degree of food safety and confidence throughout the entire supply chain.

See also our declaration on organic certification

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration gives the highest smiley status

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration supervises all food companies in Denmark. Companies are given a smiley that clearly shows whether requirements and legislation are complied with.

Procudan works dedicatedly with food safety and quality assurance, and therefore has the highest smiley status, which is awarded after four happy smileys in a row.


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