Pulses – a vegetable treasure trove

Pulses belong to the pea family. They come in the form of beans, lentils and peas, and comprise the edible seeds that grow inside pods. The pod starts out as a fruit leaf, but over time, it opens up to release the seeds as a delicious and nutritional vegetable treasure trove.

In collaboration with food manufacturers, we tap into the potential of pulses to create flavourful solutions for a discriminating market of consumers who do not want to compromise on health or taste.

Vegans and allergy-friendly alternatives

The nutritional properties of pulses make them popular alternatives to animal proteins and grain-based starches, while giving vegan products the proper consistency and optimum nutritional values. Pulses are also gluten-free, which makes life easier for consumers with allergies.

Pulses are the perfect replacement for meat, fish, bakery and dairy products and are therefore an important ingredient in vegetarian and vegan cooking. Their high levels of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals contribute all the essential nutrients for a healthy and varied diet. Their low fat content is also a decisive factor in the market for informed and health-conscious consumers. 

We have insights into both the trends and the benefits, and together with food manufacturers, we co-create the best, healthiest and most delicious alternatives to traditional foods.

Colour and consistency for every taste

Beans, lentils and peas are a boon for food manufacturers. The wide variety of beans, lentils and peas present many flavour and nutritional possibilities for the environmentally conscious consumer focused on maintaining a healthy and varied diet.

Procudan has a large selection of vegan pulses in their original form, as flour or as concentrated protein powder for both conventional and organic use. The options are as varied as the potential is huge.

Sustainability is a core value 

Pulses are a climate-friendly food source, produced with significantly lower carbon emissions than meat and other animal-based foods. Pulses require minimal or no pesticides, and processing them is therefore environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, pulses help to enhance the nutrients in soil and reduce the need for energy-intensive fertilisers, because their naturally occurring bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into beneficial ammonia or nitrate.

Procudan has all the details and benefits covered, and together with our customers we take responsibility for caring for the climate and the environment.


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