From Panna Cotta to Paracetamol

Proteins are found in everything from desserts to medicines. Proteins are extremely versatile and can be used to boost the best and most beneficial properties, making quality products even better.  

Proteins are found in virtually every product. We work with you to find the right protein for your specific product.

More than just a fitness fad

Talk of proteins was once limited to the gym, but not anymore. Today, there is growing understanding among consumers of the importance of protein for a healthy diet.

However, there are many different types of protein, and for a balanced diet, it is important to vary your sources of protein. It is about eating the right proteins with the right combination of essential amino acids.

We understand that protein is many things. That is why Procudan has both plant and animal proteins – organic as well as conventional. With consulting and guidance, our aim is to ensure the maximum benefit of every product and every bite. 

Consistency and taste in harmony

Healthy food requires more than just replacing fat with protein. Removing the fat presents a series of new challenges regarding product structure, consistency and viscosity.

We provide competent guidance, working with you to find the right proteins to increase the nutritional content of your product while retaining its original consistency.


Convenience on the go

An active society has new requirements for foods. Meals need to be tasty, healthy and packaged so they can be taken with you on the go. But they also need to be satisfying and full of energy to keep you going all day.

With their excellent satiety-promoting qualities, proteins are ideal for our modern society. From protein drinks for breakfast to an energy bar as a quick snack on the move – protein is everywhere.

Procudan can assist food manufacturers with delicious and practical ready-to-go meals that are filling, even in small portions. Based on careful guidance, we work together to find the right proteins for your specific product.


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