Procudan Blends

Precise blends and a stronger value chain

Procudan Blends are precise blends from Procudan's new and efficient production machinery. Blends in one process ensure quality and uniformity and give you greater flexibility to scale production capacity.

All blends are:

Just-in-Time deliveries

Weighed and tailored exactly to your needs

Delivered from a new GFSI-certified production machinery

In short, Procudan Blends is a solution that integrates even more strongly with your value chain and production process and takes over where it makes sense and value. You can optimize the processes in the production, whether you want increased capacity and flexibility or whether your goal is to limit waste by scaling or reducing the size of the packaging.

Procudan Blends takes over your internal blends and those already handled externally.


Blends for every need

Procudan Blends supports various needs

We regularly hold demo days where you can see the system in operation - contact us and arrange your visit.


“We sold really well, and it started to be a challenge to have space to make the mix in the shops ourselves. In addition, we weighed many things all the time. We do everything in small batches, and when you do it and you are busy, mistakes happen sometimes. So we wanted to improve that process. ”

- Kim Simonsen, founder of Ismageriet


Your benefits with Procudan Blends

With a stronger value chain in partnership with Procudan Blends, you achieve a number of benefits in the production

Have your production processes and value chain optimized

  • Flexible storage capacity and reduced storage binding
  • Reduce manual raw material handling
  • Develop new products without compromising on current capacity and equipment

Release resources and avoid capital tied up by outsourcing mixing or repackaging

  • Improved production time with the right blend just-in-time
  • Get optimized warehousing and logistics with variable warehouse call offs
  • Avoid expensive investments in stock or production
  • Minimize costs through fewer error mixes, waste and reduced resource consumption

Obtain higher delivery reliability with precise blends in one process

  • Safety of uniform blend and weight
  • Reduced risk of foreign bodies
  • Secure delivery all year round via complete climate control
  • No risk of contamination via CIP cleaning

Improve production flow and safety

  • Save time by having blends delivered completely ready for use
  • Avoid manual weighing
  • Avoid dust and heavy lifting



Contact our specialists

Martin Jakobsen, Sales Manager at Procudan.

My colleagues and I are available with answers and good advice if you want to know more about how your production processes can be optimized.


Call directly on telephone +45 3164 1273 or send an e-mail to


Join us for the next demo day

Do you want to see our new blending plant in use? We regularly invite you to demonstrations, where you will have the opportunity to:

  • See parts of the blending system in use
  • Ask questions to our technicians
  • Get advice and sparring for production optimization from our specialists

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