Procudan Blends

We co-create growth

Production processes vary greatly from company to company. Some produce everything themselves, while others use semi-manufactured products. Total outsourcing of production is also an option.

Procudan Blends allow our customers to compose a unique solution that creates growth – comprising ingredientspackagingquality, processes and logistics

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Compose the right solution

Creating a unique solution is one of the cornerstones of Procudan Blends, and the solution is always based on the individual customer’s actual needs.

A complete, customised blend is composed from Procudan’s extensive selection of food ingredients. And the packaging is selected from our dynamic range of flexible solutions – whether the blend is for use in further processing or as a distinctive product displayed on shop shelves.

When we choose to co-create, the logistics and storage facility solution is important. We provide just-in-time deliveries, which keeps your storage needs at a minimum and avoids tying up capital.

GFSI-certification in the area of food safety is your guarantee that we comply with all regulations and requirements for food safety. Gain an overview any time of the day or night via My Procudan.


Increase your production capacity and flexibility

Procudan Blends provide new opportunities to increase your production capacity and flexibility. Don’t let production equipment and bottlenecks stop you.

Conceptualise new products that can revolutionise the market and create value for the consumer. Or tap into the potential of optimising existing products.

Scale packaging up or down

The design of the packaging has a significant impact on the appearance of the end product in the purchasing moment. Well-designed extra features, like resealable and consumer-sized packaging, can reduce food waste.

Concern for employee well-being is high on the environmental agendas of many companies. Everyone wants to avoid attrition, which can reduce the quality of life of employees. For this reason, more and more manufacturers are either reducing the size of the packaging used in production or increasing the number of kilos, for instance in the form of big bags, so machines can handle the weight instead. 

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