ProCera® Cheese Wax

For protection and highlighting of your cheese

Cheese develops flavour, character, and appearance over time.

ProCera® cheese wax is a protective, unique and thoroughly tested cheese wax
with many, but also different protective qualities.

The cheese wax protects the cheese through the maturation process,
and is the one that the end user encounters in the refrigerator in different colours and formulations.


 What qualities does ProCera® cheese wax have?

  • Improves processes

  • Reduces manual handling

  • Controls dehydration

  • Guarantees shelf life

  • Creates visibility

Procudan 120år


More than 120 years in dairy.

Founded in 1901 under the name
"Danish Dairy Suppliers amba" 



ProCera® is Procudan's own brand, and with more than 70 years’ experience with wax for cheese, we have a unique expert knowledge


What factors are important in choosing the ProCera® Cheese Wax variant?

  • The characteristics of the cheese

  • Process equipment

  • Process management

  • The surrounding environment

  • Temperature

  • Humidity


ProCera WaxLab

Reduces your time and resources in the development phase

We have our very own and unique cheese wax laboratory, which accelerates product development.

At ProCera WaxLab we can test smaller batches of cheese under the right conditions.

ProCera WaxLab simplifies both product development and optimization and helps reduce your time and resources in the development phase.

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ProCera® Cheese Wax solutions

We tailor to your needs

We think solution before product, and we believe that efficiency is based on our ability to understand customers.

For us, it is about to be of benefit and making a difference.

With our tailor-made solutions, we guarantee that the solutions both are of benefit and make a  difference to you. In this way, you and your company can spend energy on the things that you are good at and specialize in.

We are experts in developing cheese wax, and we tailor your cheese wax with the properties and visual expressions that you require.


Cheese wax adds color to your cheese

Cheese wax is not just a protection of your cheese - it's branding!

A direct communication medium whose main task is, to grab your customers’ the attention.

Together we can make sure that your story is told and supported in appearance, for your cheese to stand out strongly among all the other cheeses in the refridgerator.


Which colors can be produced and delivered?

ProCera® Cheese Wax is available in various colors, the most common of which are











Light blue



Special colors can be supplied depending on the volume

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Our ProCera® Cheese Wax expert is

Carsten L. Christensen
Sales Manager ProCera
+45 3164 1262