Fantastic plastic

Plastic food packaging is a safe and well-known solution. Laminated plastics can be made up of multiple layers, each with their own unique characteristics, and how they are combined is important. Sometimes plastic is used in combination with other materials, such as paper, depending on the customer’s requirements regarding barrier characteristics.

Procudan are experts in plastic packaging approved for foods, pharmaceuticals and feed. With an individual logistics solution, we ensure flexible and secure deliveries – also with ingredients.


Individual packaging solutions

From little baggies to large bags. Plastic packaging is always designed in collaboration with the customer, based on their needs and the end product. Variants include stand-up pouch, flat bottom, wicket, block bottom, quad seal, valve and mono, laminated and Coex foil types.

For increased practicality and applicability, it is possible to add handles, velcro, zips or sliders, depending on how the packaging is to be used. And new options are being developed all the time. With the many possibilities for additional features, it is possible to create a wide range of individual packaging solutions. See a selection of the features.

Green plastic packaging

Biobased plastic and compostable plastic are options that combine the positive characteristics of plastic with environmentally friendly sources and methods of disposal.

Whether the customer is looking for biodegradability or a specific composition of raw materials, we assist them in choosing the right alternative of environmentally friendly plastic packaging. And it is not necessary to go all in from the outset. Conventional plastic can be partially replaced as part of a green transformation process.

The triangular symbol on the packaging shows that the plastic is recyclable, so when the packaging is no longer needed, it can be converted into new products for the benefit of the environment.

Safe packaging for foods and pharmaceuticals

Food packaging plays an important role in safeguarding the food it contains and avoiding contamination. With GFSI certification and the requisite know-how about food contact materials, we can meet every need in accordance with all safety and statutory requirements. All certificates and documents are available at My Procudan.

Packaging for pharmaceuticals can be made safeguarded even more using gamma radiation to ensure a sterile environment. Gamma radiation kills any bacteria in the packaging, guaranteeing the packaging is sterile.


The right appearance for visibility and safety

A product’s packaging is its strongest means of communication in the purchasing moment, promoting visibility and safety. And the design on the packaging is just as important as the size and choice of materials. Using coloured plastic packaging in processing makes it easy to separate the packaging from the food.

Procudan assists the customer with finding the ideal packaging composition that appeals to the consumer, while avoiding excess packaging and easing work processes in intermediate storage – which also promotes a safe working environment.

Procudan are experts in plastic food packaging. But we always recommend the solution that gives our customers the greatest value, be it food packaging in plastic, paper or big bags.


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