Organics – naturally!

The manufacturing of organic foods considers the environment – without compromising on taste and quality. Organics are good for the birds, the bees and the animals, because the fields are cultivated without the use of insecticides and harmful chemicals. Organic foods must also comply with requirements for fewer additives while retaining the same good taste.

Procudan has a wide selection of organic food ingredients, and through our strong network of partners and manufacturers, we can procure all kinds of ingredients – both the well-known and the lesser-known. This means you can gather your organic purchasing in one place.

In the manufacturing of organic and environmentally friendly foods, it is necessary to think sustainably on the inside and the outside. Procudan has a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging, including biobased plastic and compostable plastic, making it easy to choose green packaging for organic end products.

Organic and GFSI certifications

All the details regarding documentation, legislation and food safety must be covered throughout the entire supply chain

Procudan’s organic food ingredients all carry the EU’s organic label ‘the green leaf’ and/or the Danish red ‘Ø’ label.

We are also GFSI certified in the area of food safety.

Declaration on organic control

Through our membership in Organic Denmark, we support the advancement of organic foods for a sustainable future.


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