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Ice cream should be pleasant, taste good and have fullness. Consistency, texture and the overall taste impression must match the end product, whether it is ice cream, gelato or sorbet.

Challenges with consistency are most often about the composition of the ingredients. Several stabilizers are suitable for ice cream, and if different stabilizers are combined in a mixture, several properties can be combined. Changes in manufacturing can also affect consistency.

The choice of stabilizer or stabilizer mixture is therefore influenced by several factors, and it is necessary to know both the manufacture and the end product in order to direct to the right places.

We are ready to help you and your colleagues with both optimization and customization. It is possible to analyze your current solution and find a similar variant or mixture.




Listen to the video

In the video, our account manager Bent Vogensen tells more about stabilizers for ice cream and what you need to be aware of. For ice cream, both standardized hydrocolloids and customized stabilizer blends are possible solutions.

LBG Sicilia: A competent global partner

In addition to a strong product range, our partnership with LBG Sicilia contributes with specialized professional knowledge and market knowledge, which we jointly use to develop the perfect solution for your ice cream.

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Partnership with LBG Sicilia

LBG Sicilia is a global provider of locust bean gum and customized stabilizer blends.