Add some crunch to life

Adding crunch as a contrast to something velvety sweet – this is just one of the countless possibilities with nuts. There are a wide variety of different nuts, and just as many uses.

From crunch in granola and filling in candy bars to decorations on cakes and bite in breads. Nuts add consistency and character to the end product.


Quality is high on the agenda

When it comes to foods, quality is an absolutely fundamental prerequisite. This also applies to nuts. Procudan have nuts in a range of qualities, including both conventional and organic.

Nuts are all-natural and harvested from trees both locally and abroad. And they come in many forms, from whole, broken or flakes to chopped, pieces or paste. Regardless of whether nuts are added to optimise the consistency, taste or appearance, there is a type of nut for every product. Together, we identify the nuts that best suit the end product.


For a body in balance

Nuts contain healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are known for their cholesterol-lowering properties. Nuts also contain a range of vitamins and minerals, which help to keep the body in balance.

They can be processed in a variety of ways to match current trends, both for decoration and taste. Procudan have the right nuts for every product. And no matter what the type, Procudan knows the best way to store the nuts to ensure optimal quality and shelf-life.  

More than a solid form

Nuts come in many forms, including in paste form. The uses for these pastes range from filling in chocolate bars to nut-based drinks. When nuts are used in drinks, they retain their healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Drinks based on nut paste are a good alternative to milk and can be used to create delicious, lactose-free products. 

We know that nuts are full of untapped potential in terms of co-creating new and nutritious products that meet the needs of the future.


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