Well-being at the forefront

It has now been decided that our two best table footballers come from our warehouse as two of our warehouse employees, Martin Dan Larsen and Mirsad Duric, faced each other in a dramatic final.
Written on 23.03.2022
Well-being at the forefront

With horns, balloons and enthusiastic colleagues as spectators, the match was decided after long, intense and sweat-dripping minutes of play.

The first set was won by pre-favourite Mirsad, who had excelled throughout the tournament with technical ingenuity, tricks and super-fast wrists. During the second set, the two finalists were neck and neck, but Martin led in the final sprint and impressively won the second set.

Martin's high level of play continued into the third set, and after a nice, well-played and fantastic final, Martin was able to raise the gold trophy and call himself the 2022 Procudan table football champion.

Table football for the fun of it

The table football tournament is just one of several smaller and larger initiatives that Procudan has introduced to promote daily well-being. As expected, the tournament provided a common meeting point across departments, which helps to increase motivation and job satisfaction for everyone.

As many as 18 employees participated in the table football tournament in the first months of the year. Procudan's FILUR staff association and most of the colleagues showed up in large numbers for the Friday's semi-finals and final.

Well-being and passion go hand in hand at Procudan – even when we are just playing table football.