VIOGERM® – the treasure of wheat

Wheat germs are the most valuable part of wheat. Viogerm® wheat germs are stabilized through a gentle process preserving the richness of protein, dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins.
Written on 25.02.2016
VIOGERM® – the treasure of wheat

Viogerm® wheat germs enhance food products in a natural way and have a variety of applications in the food industry. Cakes, bread, chocolate, ice cream, snacks – all can be enriched with Viogerm®.

Providing the same taste and texture to your final product, Viogerm® wheat germs are perfectly suitable as hazelnut replacement.

The portfolio covers a variety of granulations, adding variety and flavour to your products:

  • VIOGERM® wheat germ (flour, powder, grain, chips, flakes)
  • VIOGERM® crisps (round, ellipse, crispiny, flakes, star, heart, ring, egg, cornetti, long bread and multi)
  • VIOGERM® wheat germ oil

For detailed application information, please contact your Procudan Account Manager.