Salt as art?

When did you last consider alternative ways for using the raw materials in your recipes?
Written on 04.01.2018
Salt as art?

Rethinking use, function, dosage or composition of raw materials could lead to new insights. Knowledge that could act as key for the next successful product line – or optimization of the current one. Value is created jointly and on a regular basis, insight into e.g. trends, raw materials choice and composition together with suggestions for substitutes are made accessible for customers via the global partner network of Procudan.

Try experimenting!

Don’t be afraid to think in new and alternative ways. For instance, how does salt perform in the hands of experimental artists? PLADS artspace in Aarhus houses the activities and Procudan sponsors salt when Nat Bloch Gregersen (DK) and Nika Blasser (US) experiment with the physical characteristics of salt. As part of the project Rethinking MATTER, the exhibition is scheduled for 5.-26. January 2018. Stop by and experience yourself.

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