Room for new ideas

A room is not just a room. A room – or a space – helps to form an effective framework when it is time to bring innovation, new ideas, commitment and productivity to life in the working day; and the creation of exactly such a space at our head office was initiated in the autumn of 2021.
Written on 07.07.2022
Room for new ideas

Each and every day in partnership with our customers, we develop their business; and business development is also an important core element in our approach to doing business. This new creative space will form a different framework for community, open dialogue, the exchange of ideas, meetings with customers and, of course, intense matches at the table football.

After we ran a naming competition in house, it was decided that this new room would be named Innovatorium.

Furnished as needed, with flexible office spaces

The room is divided into two zones, which are visually marked by the colour of the carpet. For the zone with tables, chairs and whiteboards, neutral grey coloured carpeting was chosen. The carpet under the table football is green, to signal cosiness, community and well-being.

It is important that employees are able to lay out the room as needed as there is a difference between holding a creative meeting and a brainstorming session where everyone needs to be able to see the whiteboards and move about freely. We have already had many good experiences in Innovatorium where having plenty of whiteboard space and easily mobile tables and chairs, make it possible to accommodate the different requirements of different types of meetings.

We look forward to welcoming current and new customers to our Innovatorium.

Well-being in focus

Well-being is always something we focus on, and we are currently repeating the success of a table football tournament among our employees. The only difference is that it is played in teams – two versus two.