Procudan take over Scansalt

For your information, Procudan as per June 1, 2015 take over the activities in Scan Salt A/S.
Written on 28.05.2015
Procudan take over Scansalt

Read more here: Press release Procudan Scansalt (in Danish).
With the acquisition of Scan Salt, Procudan want to play a direct role as a supplier of salt in Scandinavia. The goal is to increase the value for customers in a market with few suppliers, i.a. by combining salt products with Procudan’s expertise in customized packaging.

The product range comprises among others salt for the production of food and feed. Moreover, softening, industrial and road salt are included .

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your usual Account Manager or Procudan Supply Service on telephone +45 7550 8000 or