ProCera®: 25 years of experience

For more than 25 years, Procudan have offered a broad selection of high performing flexible cheese waxes
Written on 31.03.2016
ProCera®: 25 years of experience

ProCera® Cheese Wax

ProCera® Cheese Wax is a natural, reliable protection for hard and semi-hard cheeses. ProCera® secures perfect ripening conditions and provides a unique way to market the cheese and create special features aimed at end-consumers.

With 115 years of dairy sector experience Procudan assure a state of the art quality and technical support. The ProCera® assortment covers the following categories:

  • ProCera® Basic
    • The all-round cheese wax applicable to a broad range of cheeses
    • Creates protection and supports in preventing mould formation
  • ProCera® Finish
    • The transparent coating for cheeses covered in aluminium foil or on top of your labels
    • Emphasizes colours and decorations ensuring optimum marketing
  • ProCera® Colour
    • The specially designed, coloured wax providing strong marketing appeal
    • Easily cuttable, leaving no cracking edges or colour stripes
  • ProCera® Peel
    • The two component, easily removable coating
    • Strong marketing appeal and easy end-user consumption of cheeses
  • ProCera® Seal
    • The solid sealing wax, resealing the coating after sample taking
    • Direct applicable without pre-melting or other pre-treatments
  • ProCera® Special
    • The high performing custom-tailored cheese wax
    • Unique solution for unique cheeses

For further information and dialogue please contact Sales Manager ProCera® Carsten L. Christensen at phone +45 7634 4416 or email

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