Price-winning bacterial cultures

Producing cheese is an art and science practiced every day by well educated dairy staffs. During the ripening of cheese many biochemical processes take place which is essential for the flavour formation. Developing a desired flavour profile of a cheese takes skills and close collaboration between the dairy and key ingredient suppliers.
Written on 21.06.2016
Price-winning bacterial cultures

In 2016, the yearly Swedish cheese festival “Ostfestivalen” took place on the Nordic Museum with around 6,500 visitors. A yearlong collaboration between Skånemejerier, Procudan and CSK food enrichment paid off with a bronze medal for the Allerum Van Kaas cheese within the hard cheese category. The cheese is inspired by Dutch legacy and has a fruity and nutty taste. To read more about the cheese festival click here.

Through many years, Procudan have supplied a wide range of culture bacteria for a broad selection of dairy products including cheese, butter, yoghurt and other fermented products. Learn more here.

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