Plant-based ingredients

Consumers’ eating habits and behavior are changing. Several of the basic foods in the food culture are challenged because alternatives are sought. Some consumers go all the way with a vegan or vegetarian diet, while others share their focus and supplement with alternatives in their daily lives.
Written on 05.12.2018
Plant-based ingredients

Animal Alternative?

We have put together a toolbox for solutions in plant-based ingredients. Together, we always start with establishing which kind of value the plant-based ingredients are meant to create.

  • Is it about new foods or should existing ones be updated?
  • Which consumer needs must be met?
  • And what should the consumer ultimately get out of it?

Procudan are experts in plant-based ingredients – for example as an alternative to the animal ingredients.
Our starting point is GMO, soya and lactose free as well as vegan and clean label.

Contact your Account Manager and enter into a dialogue about the requirements in regard to taste, water absorption, polyunsaturated fatty acids, organics, nutrition, gluten-free, fibers, proteins, texture, appearance and sustainability. Together, we will co-create value.

Remember! The environmental impact of packaging also counts.