Innovation partnership for healthier food

We believe that value is co-created, which is why we actively participate in the Danish Food Agency's Innovation Partnership for healthier food. The Innovation Partnership works together to increase the supply of healthier foods in the Danish market.
Written on 02.10.2020
Innovation partnership for healthier food

Together, we accomplish the job

In the Danish Food Agency's Innovation Partnership, operators from the Danish food industry collaborate, and Procudan is ready to develop innovative solutions for a healthier Denmark.

Read more about the Innovation Partnership (in Danish).

It's about the right team

Together with our customers and partners, we work every day to develop new opportunities and products that create healthier solutions for consumers.

Procudan has an extensive network of specialists, and we always put together the team that fits the current task. This applies whether it is for example recipes, trends, process optimization, technological integrations or food safety. We know that a competent team will ensure that we reach our goals.

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