Meatless with great taste!

Eating less or no meat is a growing trend and is becoming more and more mainstream. Cutting meat from the diet often rests on one or more beliefs – from political to animal welfare, stretching to disliking the taste of meat.
Written on 28.09.2017
Meatless with great taste!

The demand for meatless alternatives is growing and consumers are looking for food alternatives that fit a busy lifestyle. The food industry is developing new solutions to match to the trend whether it is food for vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians. Cutting meat from recipes can be a challenge as meat comes with a lot of taste. Investigating meat substitutes and comprehensive product developments are prerequisites to maintain or add a rich and good taste.

Procudan are experts in developing taste and texture for meatless products as we both offer direct meat substitutes as well as other alternative taste directions. Our “Meatless” range inspires food producers to create tasty alternatives.

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