Food Fraud – more knowledge?

Optimal safety in relation to raw materials and components throughout the supply chain is crucial to consumers. It is about the quality, composition, origin, and cultivation method of the final product.
Written on 28.08.2018
Food Fraud – more knowledge?

FSSC 22000 version 4.1 sets further requirements for inter alia Food Fraud, which is about fraud and manipulation with food. An area that requires special knowledge, high expertise as well as structured processes and technology to handle and survive, to ensure the best possible consumer.

But how is Food Fraud work handled in practice?

On September 12, 2018, Quality Manager Lone Skov  shares Procudan’s knowledge and experience with Food Fraud. Together with tangible practical examples, there will also be an estimate of wishes of the future.

Join the theme day “Authenticity Tests of Food – Industry Needs and Solutions to Meet them!” and get to know more – arranged by the Technological Institute. Registration is via the link above.

Every single day, Procudan takes responsibility for food safety. This means that our Scandinavian customers in the food sector have a strong partner with monitoring, auditing and risk assessment of Procudan’s international partner and producer networks in the field of ingredients and packaging.

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