Digital efforts co-create value

In the spring of 2021, was the start of a new joint project with Erhvervshus Sydjylland under the program smv PRO. The project has really boosted the digital sales and marketing efforts, which have already created, and will continue to create, great value for Procudan's customers in the future.
Written on 11.02.2022
Digital efforts co-create value

Owner and CEO, Tommy H. Pedersen, Marketing Manager, Trine Holm, and Sales Manager, Martin Jakobsen, participated before Christmas in a podcast interview regarding the smv PRO program, of which Procudan has been a part in 2021. In collaboration with Erhvervshus Sydjylland , and an external advisor, relevant and valuable steps have been taken in the digital journey.

Marketing manager, Trine Holm, has acted as the prime mover on the project, and has also pushed to achieve the next goals on the digital journey earlier than otherwise planned. What according to the CEO, Tommy H Pedersen, has been really good and value-creating for Procudan.

The digital effort as a supplement to the analogous contact with the customers

All in all, the collaboration made very good sense for Procudan, as consulting and sparring with external competencies and knowledge were crucial to get a further boost in the digital effort.

”For many years, the contact we have with customers, has been through the Account Managers and through telephone calls and it continues to be so! But we can see that when we start working with the digital side, we get hold of the customers in a different way."

Owner and CEO Tommy H. Pedersen

CEO, Tommy H. Pedersen, says in the interview that of course the digital effort is not a substitute for the analogous contact with the customers, but is instead a supplement to the physical presence and telephone contact.

The ability to target efforts supports the daily sales work, strengthens the marketing efforts, and supports Procudan's mission to co-create value with our customers.

Close collaboration across departments is the beginning of a new journey

Across the sales and marketing departments, the right decisions must now be made, and after the process, the otherwise previously closely linked departments have become even more closely linked, which has resulted in the sales and marketing department functioning better as a single engine.

Sales Manager Martin Jakobsen adds that this is the beginning of a new journey, which contributes to both the sales department and the marketing department always being relevant in relation to the customer and the customer's requirements.

According to Marketing Manager Trine Holm, the process has been worth its weight in gold, as it has provided insight, new knowledge, and a taste for even more digital focus in the future.

If you would like to hear the entire interview from Sydjysk Verdensklasse under the name 'More facts, less feeling at Procudan', you can listen to the podcast via the link below.