Cut back on salt – keep the taste!

Small amounts of salt are vital for the body as it help the fluid balance and ensure that nerves are able to send signals into the body, making the brain and muscles function optimally.
Written on 18.09.2017
Cut back on salt – keep the taste!

But the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases rises when digesting more than 5 gram of salt a day. Nevertheless, studies show that consumers on average eat close to the double amount. WHO advocate for reducing the salt intake and consumers are looking for healthier alternatives.

Saltwell® is the solution!

Saltwell® is a completely natural sea salt with a naturally lower sodium content which is replaceable in recipes 1:1! The unique Saltwell® grain contains calcium and sodium in each molecule securing the same taste and functionality every time. Metallic off taste is not present in Saltwell®.

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