An emphasis on working environments and work processes

Procudan is anticipating a future of innovation in which manual production processes are replaced with new and exciting technologies that will enhance working environments and work processes.
Written on 15.11.2021
An emphasis on working environments and work processes

Support for an innovative development project

Innovation and new technology are common in many companies, and Procudan, too, is anticipating technological advances now that COO Lene Andreasen was made aware of the opportunity to obtain expert assistance through the “Restart NOW” programme operated by the Danish Industry Foundation.


”We have not been very active in this area until now, but once you gain a bit of experience with development projects, things just move along like ripples in water”

- Lene Andreasen, CCO, Procudan


The project began in a collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute. A specialist from the Association of Danish Research and Technology Organizations assessed our processes, the challenges they pose, and the potential for technological solutions. 

The specialist knew a great deal about the types of challenges experienced by Procudan. These challenges included lifting heavy smooth-surface plates weighing 5 kg, placing product packages into cardboard boxes, and stacking the cardboard boxes on pallets. As these challenges were addressed, many excellent suggestions for automating the processes were received and implemented. 

Development projects multiply like ripples in water

For Procudan, it has been a highly engaging, valuable, and educational process – not to mention a significant advantage – to be a part of the “Restart NOW” programme.

Word of successful development projects tends to spread like ripples in water, and Lene Andreasen encourages other companies to move forward in getting access to new knowledge and new technology with the potential to support process optimisation and improvements in the working environment.