An Italian lighthouse awaits Jette

The time has come for Procudan to say farewell and express our considerable gratitude to our sales coordinator Jette Juhl, who is now retiring.
Written on 07.11.2022
An Italian lighthouse awaits Jette


For the past 15 years, Jette Juhl has not only been one of Procudan's outward faces, but also one of our outward voices.

The many customers and suppliers who have been in contact with our experienced Supply Service sales coordinator over the years are too numerous to count.

In their contact with Jette, they have encountered a person who is service-minded by nature and easy to talk to.

Because on an ordinary working day, Jette has been able to speak to customers in Sweden and suppliers in both Germany and, not least, Italy, all in their own native languages.

Thanks to her background as a freight forwarder, Jette has also had an absolute understanding of, for example, how cheese wax is best forwarded to the USA.

Therefore, we are saying farewell to a multi-talented individual as she bids bella ciao to working life and guten tag to what we expect will be a very active life as a pensioner.


The pilgrim’s destination

Jette has developed her language skills throughout her whole life. She learned German as a child in South Jutland, watching German TV. Her ability to speak Italian as a working language comes from having lived and worked near Verona for four years.

- Germans and Italians have in common that they appreciate it when you can speak their language. This can sometimes mean real improvements in communications with them. So for me it’s really only natural to switch over to their languages, Jette explains.

Italy has become something of a second “homeland” for her. This has been something that she has been able to enjoy combining with another of her passions, namely hiking.

Jette has already followed the old Via Francigena pilgrimage route three times from the Grand-Saint-Bernard pass on the Swiss border, all the way to the town of Formia north of Naples.

Her goal is to reach all the way to where the route ends at Santa Maria de Leuca.

All the way down at the outermost “stud” on the heel of the “boot” of Italy stands a lighthouse. From this lighthouse, pilgrims from all over Europe would board ships to sail towards Jerusalem.

Will miss the work dynamic

But where Jette will head after that, she doesn't yet know. There are also plenty of other things to keep her busy: her grandchildren, the parish council, lectures and perhaps even a gospel choir, now that there is both more time and less pandemic.

- I am looking forward to retirement, but I will miss the colleagues and the dynamics that exist when you spend your time every day talking to both suppliers and customers. It has been most enjoyable, she says.