Milk powder

Practical powder

Milk powder, or dried milk, is refreshing milk in a practical powder form. From classic skimmed milk powder to more concentrated varieties – the fat content, functionality and protein content depend on the means of processing and extraction. Our milk powder is easy to work with and does not require refrigeration.

We work closely with our customers to find the right milk powder for their needs.

Retains the natural properties of milk

Milk is known for its high content of protein, natural fats and unique nutritional content. Most of these good properties are retained when the milk is condensed into a powder.

Working with milk powder has many advantages. In contrast to ordinary milk, dried milk does not require refrigeration, it does not separate and it has a much longer shelf life. It adds structure, firmness and consistency to the end product and can serve as a filler. Furthermore, dried milk is easier to transport, which benefits both logistics and the environment.

Milk powder comes in many varieties, and there is a version with the right fat percentage, properties and taste for every end product. Organic or conventional – Procudan has milk powders from all origins.

From pharmaceuticals to foods

Milk powder is an important part of many everyday products. Energy bars, coffee capsules, chocolate and pills all contain some variant of milk powder and benefit from milk powder’s good, well-rounded milk taste and appealing colour. Casein is popular in sausages, cold cuts and other meat products, because of its ability to bind fat and water.

Which milk powder you should choose depends on how it is to be used and on the desired properties in the end product. Our in-depth understanding of milk powder benefits our customers, who receive advice and guidance on optimising their food production, both in terms of ingredients composition and end product packaging.

Procudan provides traceability and high-quality control, giving food manufacturers an added sense of security.



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