Pet food

Good for animals, easy for the consumer

Energy from a healthy diet is vital for the body’s physical and mental well-being – for both humans and animals.

Consumers want nutritional and tasty food and treats for their animals. In addition to good taste and texture, a healthy diet requires the right combination of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Procudan are experts in ingredients and packaging for pet food. We work closely with our customers to develop the right solution that produces the quality products consumers demand.

Billede Emballagens konstruktion og design er vigtigt

Packaging construction and design are important

Consumers want well-designed packaging that makes it easy to handle heavy bags and offers re-sealable closure to keep the contents fresh longer. And for their pets, they want treats that come in smart and functional packaging – and preferably with an environmentally friendly element as well.

It takes practice to develop a design that appeals to the consumer’s emotions so the end product becomes their preferred choice.

Many questions need answering, such as:

  • What are the current trends – and what trends are up and coming?
  • How can an optimum design be achieved?
  • How can potential health benefits best be communicated?
  • What packaging barrier characteristics are needed?


  • How can packaging make lifting, opening and re-sealing easier for the consumer?
  • How can recipe and processing costs be reduced?
  • How can taste, stability, consistency and shelf-life be optimised and developed?

Procudan are experts in packaging and ingredients for Pet food

We know that the consumer’s choice is influenced by a combination of packaging and the right product description.

We work with our customers to develop solutions with a taste, appearance and performance that meets consumer demands for quality solutions. 

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Billede ING Ingredienser til en næringsrig kost

Ingredients for a balanced diet

The nutritional needs of animals are directly related to their level of activity, body weight and, to some degree, muscle mass. The key factors are age, appetite and energy need.

The right composition of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals ensures a well-balanced diet and covers the energy needs of pets and livestock – all tied together with an appetising taste.

Packaging that supports quality and content

Packaging is the perfect opportunity to support and complement the quality and content of the end product. The packaging should have the appropriate barrier characteristics to match the needs of the end product and provide it with the best possible protection. The customer’s needs are carefully assessed along with the packing needs, design and consumer experience.

For Pet food, both plastic and paper are popular packaging solutions. Treats are often presented in smaller bags, like our stand-up pouch, possibly with a little window so the consumer can see the end product.

Animal feed generally comes in bigger bags, so it is important that the packaging is easy to handle – this can be the deciding factor for the consumer at the purchasing moment. A carrying handle can be added for easier transport, and there are various re-sealable options, such as Velcro, zip closures or sliders.

Smart and well-considered packaging is a key element in a streamlined animal feed production. Scaling up to big bags or scaling ingredients packaging down can make cost-intensive processes more efficient and replace manual heavy lifting, benefiting the working environment. With the right packaging, it is possible to optimise work processes to make emptying, moving and stacking efficient, practical and, not least, safe.

Procudan are experts in packaging for Pet food. Based on the end product, we work closely with our customers to develop unique packaging solutions that meet consumer requirements. Explore our selection of packaging for animal feed.


A solution that saves time, money and space

With single-point sourcing, food manufacturers can gather all their food ingredients and packaging purchasing in one place.

This reduces the number of suppliers and makes life easier, freeing up resources, which can be put to better use, for example for innovation and product development.