Meat & Savory

Convenience is key

Consumption of meat, fish, salads and dressings is undergoing rapid change. Consumers demand freshness and quality, and with their busy lives, they want easy preparation and a long shelf-life. Nutritional and tasty pre-prepared meals are gaining in popularity. This development is moving fast, and good craftsmanship needs to keep pace.

Procudan are experts in ingredients and packaging for meat and savoury foods. We work closely with our customers to develop the right solution that produces the quality products consumers demand.

Delicacies are still in high demand. But the modern consumer wants innovation, and this applies to both inventive recipes and alternative ingredients and packaging. The result is exciting new concepts and product variations – many with a greener profile and a unique texture.

It can be challenging to create easy-to-handle dishes that can withstand preparation, freezing and heating while still looking appetising to consumers.  

And there are many questions that need answering, including:

  • How can the raw ingredients to utilised to best effect?
  • How can the water content and binding index in meat be fully exploited?
  • How can recipes be optimised?
  • What are the current trends – and what trends are up and coming?
  • Which alternatives can replace key ingredients?
  • How can recipe and processing costs be reduced?
  • How can texture, shelf-life and stability be improved?
  • What are the options for minimising salt and fat content?
  • How can the nutritional value be improved?
  • How can potential health benefits be exploited and communicated?
  • What are the barrier characteristics of the packaging?
  • How can the packaging be designed to make it easier to open and re-seal?

Procudan provides guidance on processes, choice of ingredients and the right packaging with the aim of developing unique products

We know that the answer to the consumer’s wishes is found in a combination of ingredients and packaging.


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Retain moisture – and taste

Salt, bitter and umami are tastes that characterise meat and savoury dishes. However, the key to well-rounded and rich flavour is to embrace all the taste nuances. An unexpected nuance can give the end product a fresh twist. Nuts, seeds and pulses add both taste and bite, while spice mixes are known for interfering with the umami taste in meat and fish.

In addition to taste, optimum structure is also important. The right choice of starches and fibres can help balance the water-binding effect, so consumers are presented with the best structure in processed meats and dressings.

Explore our range of ingredients which are ideal for meat and savoury foods. Procudan are experts in ingredients optimisation and composition, and we work closely with our customers to find the best combination and create a superb product that suits the tastes of the consumer.

Procudan’s food ingredients meet the highest standards of food safety (GFSI certification).

Add more plant-based ingredients

More and more consumers are consciously choosing a lifestyle where meat is replaced with a plant-based diet.

Taste, nutritional content and texture are key focus areas when replacing animal ingredients with plant-based ingredients. There are plenty of opportunities to address these new consumer needs with unique taste experiences.

The whole package

Requirements for barriers and shelf-life are always in focus when choosing packaging. From exposure to cold temperatures to protection against air and light, the end product’s packaging should ensure the best possible consumer experience. And if the packaging needs to be re-sealable or easy to take on-the-go, this requires an even more detailed solution.

Choosing greener packaging materials, like biobased plastic or compostable plastic, also meets consumer demands – possibly in combination with ingredients from the world of plants.

Well-considered packaging also plays a role in production, as the right sized bags can streamline production processes and warehouse handling. This applies to big bags as well as smaller volumes, in both plastic and paper.

Explore our selection of packaging for meat and savoury foods. We work closely with our customers to identify the packaging variant that best suits the end product and meets consumers’ needs.

Procudan has comprehensive knowledge of the legislation on food contact materials.

A solution that saves time, money and space

With single-point sourcing, food manufacturers can gather all their food ingredients and packaging purchasing in one place.

This reduces the number of suppliers and makes life easier, freeing up resources, which can be put to better use, for example for innovation and product development.