Dairy & Ice cream 

A fresh take on the traditional

Milk tastes great and is full of possibilities. Consumers value the traditional end products, but they also have high demands for nutritional composition, innovation and convenience – without straying too far from the familiar.

Procudan are experts in ingredients and packaging for dairy and ice cream products. We work closely with our customers to develop the right solution that produces the quality products consumers demand.

Consumers continue to focus on quality and organic products – and they want products that are easy to enjoy on the go. But milk is being challenged.

More and more consumers are choosing a lifestyle which excludes certain foods, creating new needs. They want alternatives with the same function. And that taste good. This opens to door for new concepts and product lines as an attractive way to meet the consumer needs.



There are many questions that need answering:

  • What are the current trends – and what trends are up and coming?

  • How can taste, stability, consistency and shelf-life be optimised and developed?

  • How can the nutritional value be improved?

  • How can recipe and processing costs be reduced?

  • How can potential health benefits be exploited and communicated?


  • Which alternatives can replace key ingredients?

  • When should a product be free from allergens, preservatives and other additives?

  • How can the optimum packaging design be achieved?

  • What are the correct barrier characteristics?

  • How can the packaging be designed to make it easier to open and re-seal?

Procudan provides guidance on choice of packaging, ingredients composition and processes to create unique end products

We know that the quality solutions consumers want are developed at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.

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Good ingredients are the key to a good product

The right ingredients have a huge impact on the final dairy product. This is as true for cheese and butter as it is for an acidified milk product. The natural processes must be controlled. For instance, the taste and consistency of cheese comes from the right bacterial cultures. And a longer shelf-life can be achieved with various additives.

By making the right choices, it is possible to develop unique end products. An interesting cheese topping or crunchy yoghurt topping can make all the difference. Cereals, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and grains offer a wealth of possibilities.

Explore our selection of ingredients that are appropriate for dairy and ice cream products. We believe in co-creation to add value and produce solutions that meet consumers demands – also for end-product packaging.

Procudan’s food ingredients meet the highest standards of food safety (GFSI certification).

Ice cream with a uniform consistency

Ice cream should have a full-bodied and pleasing consistency and of course it should taste great. Automated manufacturing processes come with high demands for a durable and uniform consistency. A good solution is often stabilisers combined with flawless heating, flavour additives and the right packaging and freezing process.

Procudan are experts in quality ingredients for ice cream, gelato and sorbet. We work with our customers to find the right combination of ingredients to create unique and exceptional end products.

Packaging minimises food waste

Packaging is vital for protecting the product, extending its shelf-life and retaining freshness. Well-conceived packaging solutions in the right size for the consumer helps ensure that less food is wasted. Re-sealable packaging keeps the product fresh longer and increases the chances that the consumer will use the entire product.

Regardless of packaging type – paper or plastic – well-designed and thought out ‘to-go’ solutions make a difference for snacks.

Explore our selection of packaging for dairy and ice cream products. We base every solution on the end product and work closely with our customers to find the packaging that best protects the end product and meets consumer requirements.

Procudan has comprehensive knowledge of the legislation on food contact materials.

Cheese wax - because the exterior also attracts customers

A solution that saves time, money and space

With single-point sourcing, food manufacturers can gather all their food ingredients and packaging purchasing in one place.

This reduces the number of suppliers and makes life easier, freeing up resources, which can be put to better use, for example for innovation and product development.