The consumer comes first

Excellent craftsmanship should evolve in keeping with the times and meet the consumer’s expectations for convenience, price and nutrition. In a constantly changing world, it is important to be on the cutting edge of developments.

Procudan are experts in ingredients and packaging for bakery products. We work closely with our customers to find the ideal composition that produces the quality products consumers demand.

Modern consumers are quality conscious and have high demands when it comes to baked goods. They want low-calorie alternatives and bakery bread that stays fresh for a reasonable period of time. This has resulted in exciting new products and concepts, such as fresh bake-off products and healthy fast-food products that are ready ‘to go’.

But it can be challenging to make a functional dough that can withstand pre-baking, freezing, heating and final baking, while still looking appetising to consumers.

And there are many questions that need answering, including:

  • How can recipe and processing costs be reduced?

  • How can the taste, appearance and texture of the end product be refined?

  • How can shelf-life, stability and nutritional content be improved?

  • Which alternatives can replace key ingredients?

  • When should a product be free from allergens, preservatives and other additives?

  • Where can new trends and opportunities be found?

  • How can potential health benefits be exploited and communicated?

  • What are the barrier characteristics of the packaging?

  • How can the packaging be designed to make it easier to open and re-seal?


Procudan provides advice on processes, ingredients composition and consumer-oriented packaging

We know how to achieve the right flavour, texture and performance by combining ingredients and packaging to create the quality solutions consumers demand.

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From baked goods to bakery masterpieces

Combining ingredients opens the door to a world of opportunities that can turn baked goods into bakery masterpieces. Changes in bakery processes by introducing automation, in which the dough is subject to more mechanical influences, places high demands on the functional characteristics of the dough.

With the right choice of ingredients, it is possible to strengthen the network structure of the dough, resulting in uniform baked goods and enabling you to supply consumers with breads and cakes of the highest calibre.

Explore our selection of ingredients for bakery products. We believe in co-creation to add value and produce solutions that meet the needs for bakery ingredients – and for end-product packaging.

Procudan’s food ingredients meet the highest standards of food safety (GFSI certification).

Smart and well-considered packaging

Packaging is vital for protecting the product, extending its shelf-life and retaining freshness. And what about the consumer’s needs? Depending on the end product, your options include both plastic and paper – each have their advantages and come with functional additional features, such as re-sealable closures.

Smart and well-considered packaging is a key element in production optimisation. The packaging influences production equipment as well as work processes in the warehouse. With the right packaging, it is possible to optimise work processes to make emptying, moving and stacking efficient, practical and, not least, safe.

Regardless of the packaging type, Procudan always takes the end product as the point of departure. The customer’s needs are carefully assessed along with the packing needs, design and consumer experience. Together, we co-create the solution – preferably in combination with food ingredients.

Procudan has comprehensive knowledge of the legislation on food contact materials.

A solution that saves time, money and space

With single-point sourcing, food manufacturers can gather all their food ingredients and packaging purchasing in one place.

This reduces the number of suppliers and makes life easier, freeing up resources, which can be put to better use, for example for innovation and product development.