Extended capacity and flexibility

Increased production capacity and flexibility

We create value in collaboration with our customers. This means that we share know-how and exploit production capacity. We take over on partial processes or deliver complete blends, enabling our customers to increase their production capacity and flexibility.

Procudan Blends make it possible to optimise products and/or introduce new varieties without having to invest in new production equipment. Together, we optimise the costs, reducing costly bottlenecks by boosting flexibility and production capacity.

Procudan are experts at identifying opportunities for optimising production capacity and flexibility to ensure the right solution for our customers. 

Together we create added value

The amount of co-creation in the production process depends on the specific needs of the customer. Whether you need assistance with recipe optimisation or new market positioning, we can help.

Procudan Blends can be delivered in component parts for use in further production of the end product or as complete blends that are packaged and ready for shop shelves. Always with a focus on the right packaging size.

We work closely with customers to find the best solution to meet their specific needs and create actual experienced value. 



Let us find a solution