Flavour ensures great taste

Flavour and aroma additives ensure great taste, and should always match what the consumer expects and wants from the end product. With the right flavour and aroma additives, the natural aroma and flavour qualities of the end product can be enhanced, making the experience even more flavourful.

Procudan has the know-how needed to combine ingredients to best effect without compromising on quality. We work closely with our customers to find the right flavour additives that enhance the great taste of foods of all types.

Sourced from and inspired by nature

Extracts, flavouring food stuff, all-natural, nature-identical or synthetic? The different options provide a wealth of possibilities during product development, enabling you to achieve the desired declaration.

Many flavour additives are extracted directly from natural ingredients, making them ideal for enhancing and refining certain naturally occurring taste nuances.

There is a variant to suit every end product – liquid, oil- or water-soluble, or powder. Procudan are experts at developing the right flavouring to bring out the best in the product.


The different taste preferences

Some people like it sweet, others prefer salty or savoury. Consumers’ preferred tastes can be a matter of geography and culture, and flavour additives can enhance the most preferred taste nuances in the end product – to suit any taste preference. This is also true when it comes to masking tastes.

For salty, savoury and sweet end products, packaging is key, because choosing the right consumer-facing packaging is vital for retaining the good taste experience of the product. Procudan has extensive experience adapting and selecting packaging for end products of all types.

The basis for a good aroma 

The aroma reaches the nose the moment the package is opened, and the joy of anticipation builds. Aromas are picked up by receptors in the nose long before the first bite is taken, promising an intense taste experience.

The actual taste is sensed by receptors on the tongue, which can register five basic tastes: sour, salt, sweet, bitter and umami. Together with texture and consistency, they form a positive overall impression of what is being eaten.

All three elements: aroma, taste and mouth feel are vital for a successful product. We work closely with our customers to develop products that not only taste great, but also have an appetising aroma and consistency.

Compounds: From cola to Campari

The sound of an ice-cold carbonated drink being popped open. The aroma of raspberry, orange or grapefruit. The sensation of bubbles from the carbonation on the tongue. Without flavour additives and compounds, many popular soft drinks would not exist.

Flavour additives and compounds are essential elements in beverages. Compounds are generally customised for the individual beverage, with or without alcohol. The possibilities are many, and Procudan knows them all.


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