Fillings catch the consumer

New taste or texture. Fillings pave the way for new opportunities and concepts. Consumers require innovation and end products are easily developed by incorporating well-known solutions. As needed, we jointly develop the filling that captures the consumer.

Inside indulgence

Both fruit, syrup, marzipan and caramel are ideal as a basis for delicious, tasty fillings. Together or separately. Indulge consumers with sweet, interesting fillings filled with good taste.

Procudan are experts in filling and we advise our customers on how to easily create new tastes and variants that consumers demand.

Exterior taste experience

It should be convenient - and taste good. Dipping comes in many forms and is both tasty garnish and unique flavours for meat and fish. Savoury fillings, which are ready-to-use in consumer-friendly packaging, make the difference and are a unique opportunity to stand out.

Procudan are experts in fillings that capture the consumer and provide an extraordinary taste experience.

Skip a step or two

Fillings are easy to work with and ready-to-use. Complicated and time-consuming workflows can be reduced with the right, stable filling, adapted to processes and recipes. Bake stable, pump stable or freeze stable? High performance or low sugar content? Whatever the requirements, we find the filling that develops value and are to consumer's liking.

Also think fillings with processed vegetables, nuts or dried fruit into the end product and consumer experience. Also change the packaging and the way the end product appears to the consumer.


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