All-natural, neutral and versatile

Fibre is an all-natural, plant-based ingredient with a neutral taste, smell and colour. Simple, but with fantastic properties.

Thanks to its high water-binding capacity and low calorie content, adding fibre is a good way to reduce the energy content of foods without compromising on consistency and mouth feel. Fibre can be used in a wide range of foods and comes in both liquid and powder form.

The challenge is to find the right form that perfectly suits the end product and manufacturing process. Procudan are experts in fibre and in working with customers to find the best type of fibre for the end product.

A good start

A high fibre content in foods is something consumers notice. They know that a high-fibre diet is vital to their health, both as a good start to the day and for overall well-being. Procudan advise food manufacturers on the many varieties of fibre available to ensure that the end product lives up to its full potential.

The rich choice

Pea fibre, inulin and oligofructose each have their own specific properties and benefits. What they have in common is the ability to replace simple carbohydrates like sugar and fat, regardless of whether they are used in yogurt, cold cuts, bread or something else entirely.

But fibre is more than just healthy. It also adds consistency and enhances the existing taste nuances. High-fibre foods are a rich choice in many ways, and Procudan have all of the varieties and know all of the compositions that contribute to flavourful and varied meals. Combined with our customers’ know-how, we give consumers a world of high-fibre options and in the right packaging, too.


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