Dried fruit

A fruit for every taste

A bit of sweetness, a touch of tartness or a little succulence. The benefits of dried fruit are as numerous and varied as their colours and shapes.

Dried fruit can add fresh bite, a healthier profile or improved consistency. Regardless of the product, there is a dried fruit that can add the perfect nuance for a better taste experience.

But don’t just add dried fruit for the taste. It can also improve a product’s appearance as the decorative and appetising detail that completes the product’s look.  

Procudan has dried fruit from near and far, including timeless classics and the latest trends. With our expertise and our customers’ experience, we work together to find the dried fruit to boost taste and aesthetics.



The taste of a good conscience

People today are increasingly concerned about health, while at the same time demanding better taste. Food manufacturers need to improve the healthiness of their foods without that nutritious profile changing or detracting from the taste experience.

Dried fruit is a shortcut to healthier and tastier products.

We do not consider healthy and tasty to be opposites. On the contrary. The many natural taste variations in dried fruit give a richer and more nuanced taste experience. They also add transparency regarding the nutritional value of the end product.

Retain the best features of the fruit

The drying process has no effect on beneficial features like fibre, vitamins and minerals. Because the moisture has been removed, the fructose and calorie content are higher. All that goodness is intensified and preserved in a highly concentrated form, ideal for providing high energy in a small package.

Procudan has a large and varied selection of dried fruit for both organic and conventional end products.

We are experts in ingredients, with a comprehensive knowledge of dried fruit. But we believe in sharing knowledge, which is why we make our knowledge and experience available when guiding you in the selection of the right ingredients.

Natural energy for an active society 

Ours is an active society, where more and more people have long, demanding workdays followed by commutes by car or train. Many meals are consumed on the go, and it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet.

The naturally high fructose content and the concentrated fibre, vitamins and minerals make dried fruit a perfect addition to any food product in the ready-to-go market. Dried fruit combines high energy content with a healthy and natural taste.

Form should not come before taste

Creating natural products can be a challenge.We don’t believe that you need to compromise on taste to achieve the right consistency – regardless of whether your product is bread or a granola bar. With the right dried fruit, you can achieve the desired consistency while complementing the flavour and adding nuances.

There is a dried fruit for every product – let’s find yours together.


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