Compostable plastic

The green packaging of the future

More and more consumers are demanding environmentally friendly alternatives – a trend that is quickly gaining traction.

Compostable plastic is one of the green packaging choices of the future, uniting sustainable thinking with the excellent properties of plastic.

Procudan are experts in packaging for foods, and we support sustainability. We are ready to assist customers looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging, and to guide them in choosing the best packaging solution.

Approved for foods

Environmentally friendly packaging makes it possible to market the end product as a sustainable or greener alternative to other products.

Compostable plastic can be used with a wide range of foods, and new and stronger types are being developed all the time.

Procudan are experts in packaging and market leaders when it comes to environmentally sustainable packaging types. We can therefore always find a sustainable solution that meets the customer’s needs and the consumer’s demands.

From plastic to CO2

Compostable plastic is biodegradable in special composting plants, where natural microorganisms are used to break down the strong chemical compounds into small, naturally occurring molecules like water, CO2 and methane. The process is the same, regardless of whether the plastic’s origin is bio-based, as with biobased plastic, or fossil fuel-based.

To be categorised as compostable, the plastic must adhere to the EU standard EN13432, which stipulates that 90% of the plastic must be broken down into organic material within six months.

Billede Tænk emballage ind i CSR-strategien


Include packaging in your CSR strategy

Consumers are becoming more aware, demanding accountability, responsibility and sustainable production, distribution and packaging of foods.

Both biodegradable plastic and biobased plastic are ideal ways to strengthen the sustainable image of an end product or position it in the market, for instance, in conjunction with organic foods.



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