The taste of pure pleasure

The characteristic snap, the melting sensation on the tongue and the familiar taste. Who doesn’t love chocolate? The well-known taste and smell from the cocoa bean evokes an almost nostalgic sense of pleasure.

Procudan have cocoa in many varieties, including solid and liquid forms, and we are experts at finding the right cocoa bean and dosage to add the perfect amount of pleasure to any product.




An all-natural ingredient

The cocoa fruit is harvested from cocoa trees. The fruit contains the cocoa beans, which are processed into cocoa mass. Both cocoa powder and chocolate are made from cocoa mass. This means that chocolate and cocoa are all-natural ingredients that you can feel comfortable adding to foods.

Procudan offer a wide selection of cocoa, and we are experts at using cocoa to complement the end product in taste, consistency and natural goodness.

Familiar taste in many varieties

Cocoa and chocolate have a very distinctive taste – at once familiar and yet widely different, depending on the specific variety. The cocoa beans are cultivated in different climates and under varying conditions around the world, and each variety has its own unique taste. Some varieties taste bitter and sharp, others sweet and smooth.

Procudan are experts in the different types of cocoa beans and their tastes. Whether you want organic or conventional, and regardless of the other ingredients in the end product, we can give advice and guidance on the chocolate or cocoa product that best suits the end product.

That extra little sprinkle

Cocoa powder can add a perfect and delicious chocolaty taste to any product. The cocoa mass is passed through a filter to remove the cocoa butter. This leaves behind only the cocoa powder, which can be processed in a wide variety of ways depending on your needs.

Wet or dry application, bitter or sweet – Procudan has a cocoa powder to enhance any food with the characteristic taste of cocoa. 

Good working conditions for good products

In recent years, several organisations have worked hard and done an impressive job improving conditions for cocoa farmers. Procudan appreciates and wholeheartedly supports these efforts in both thought and deed. 

All our raw ingredients can be supplied with a label stating that they are sourced from suppliers that guarantee decent working conditions for every link in the cocoa production chain.


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