A world of grains

From barley and rye to rice and couscous. Buckwheat, wheat germ and ordinary wheat. Oat, spelt, kamut and corn. Cereals are as varied as their origins.

Cereals are rich in fibre and provide both consistency and character to meet different food trends. But cereals don’t just taste good – they also look good. That is why they are often used as a decorative sprinkle.

Good crumb and smiling tummies

Cereals have a natural content of fibre, minerals and vitamins for a nutritious and high-energy day. They also contain proteins and starch, which both add important properties to the end product.

The different varieties of grain vary, depending on gluten quality for example, just as the subsequent processing of the grain has a significant influence on the fibre content.

Procudan has comprehensive knowledge of the beneficial properties of cereals. When our expertise is combined with our customers’ know-how, we can co-create delicious baked goods and breakfasts that make tummies smile.

Pure and all-natural delights

It is an advantage to have in-depth knowledge of which ingredients are all-natural and pure delights. Cereals come in conventional, organic and gluten-free varieties, but it takes qualified guidance to find the right grain for the job and to know the best method of processing. 

Procudan advises on the properties of various grains, forming the foundation for all-natural and pure delights.

In praise of rice, rye, oat and spelt

buckwheat, barley, couscous, corn, kamut, wheat and wheat germ. Cereals come in many varieties and qualities, which each bring their own distinctive taste, consistency and character to a wide assortment of foods. 

The possibilities are practically endless, and the advantages are clear. Cereals are rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and proteins, and Procudan knows the benefits and possibilities associated with each type of grain.


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