Working at Procudan


No job vacancies

We currently have no open job vacancies, but you are more than welcome to send us an unsolicited application at any time.

All applications will, of course, be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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Development and thriving together

For us, passion and thriving at work are closely related.

Forward momentum and a supportive environment foster achievements, collectively and individually.

We want the goal of such a supportive environment to be clearly visible in everything we do. The pleasure of collaborating in a productive way, sharing the work, and achieving results together builds and develops in a positive manner when passionate people meet and co-create value.

For Procudan, a work environment characterised by a thriving culture is a matter of allowing good ideas, solutions, and relationships to germinate and grow to become healthy and strong.

At Procudan, it is the people in the team who make the difference. Because when people meet and think creatively together, we develop the valuable solutions for the customer.

Do you want to develop?

Food is constantly developing.

And it is important that every employee thrives on his or her tasks. Through education and training, the collaboration with customers, colleagues and partners is tested, challenged and expanded. 

All employees have a clearly described role and develop continuously through collaboration with customers and our extensive partner networkwhich are specialists in their respective fields.

The employees' desire to make a difference for the Scandinavian food producers creates the prerequisite for co-creating value.

Learning is a shared responsibility

We believe that a good working environment is the first step to a successful organization.

Therefore, employee job satisfaction is a high priority, as it starts from the inside based on the values. In this way, we can externally create real perceived value.

 A flat organizational structure means that we all have a great responsibility for ourselves, but also for our customers, solutions and common success.

There are shortcomings from thought to action, as we are driven by decision-making and power of action.

All our employees have a desire to make a difference in the Scandinavian food industry, where we strengthen the efforts among food producers and contribute to delivering unique quality solutions to consumers.