Efficient and responsible purchasing

Knowledge of markets and understanding of market movements are the foundation of Procudan's sourcing. You can gather and streamline your purchases via our broad product portfolio, which covers:

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Reduce your everyday workload

Audits, evaluation and daily handling - every supplier requires time. Sourcing via Procudan frees up your resources as we vouch for the supply chain. You get security with the right product in the right quality at the right time and place.

Contracts with Procudan ensure the agreed volume and agreed price based on adjusted delivery expectations over the year. A Single Point Sourcing solution will save you time, money and space and will reduce the risk of your supply.

Sustainable and responsible sourcing

Our network of strategic partners is carefully selected based on Procudan's requirements for ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. Our supply chain contributes positively to our customers' sustainability and reputation, as we ensure that all collaborations comply with Code of Conduct, and we strive for sustainable solutions that meet our customers' expectations.

Sustainability for the future is important. We take responsibility for ourselves, our solutions and products and for reducing the impact on the environment. For example, we work continuously with optimization of transport capacity, establish direct deliveries between partners and customers or gather in flexible, environmentally friendly logistics and warehousing solutions at Procudan.

Security put in system

Fixed policies and mandatory processes are a basic sourcing condition in Procudan. We use a risk-based process, where partners and producers are categorized based on, for example, food safety and quality level, and how critical the partner is to our activities.

Everyone in Procudan's supply chain is subject to ongoing audits and evaluations and is measured on an ongoing basis in relation to fixed objectives.

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